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Our band was formed following an exhibition at the turn of the millennium. Following the visit to the "My homeland, Iran" exhibition its photos somehow didn't let us leave. The Persian folk song that was performed during the opening ceremony and which mesmerized us to stay was then taught to us by surgeon-photographer Dr. Nowrasteh Ghodratollah, stage name Dr. Khonji. He became the ensemble's front man, songwriter, our "Jinn".

Golestan music is the fruit of a real cultural fusion, a delicacy that has been tasted by the audiences of Hungary, the United Kingdom, Iran and the United Arab Emirates. It's acoustic pop music richly interwoven with elements of folk music. Prominent is the presence of the stylistic features known from the performances of Southern Iran's peoples with Turkish and Ancient-Persian origins. Song lyrics is written in Larestan County's Achom language by its native speaker Dr. Khonji. Our cultural mission aims at helping this language to survive. Our music's even tempered nature has a harmonic effect, we still have a couple of dynamic songs that call the audience to dance.