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Dr. Khonji
Dr. Khonji
I was born in on 5, July, 1967 in Khonj, south of Iran. I am a surgeon with main interest in surgical oncology. I formed my first musical band at the age of seven. I learned playing Persian Nay by age of 12. During school years I was always in front line of art works including writing poems and singing.
Living in Hungary provided me the power of understanding the value of multicultural arts and to admire the beauty of both East and West cultures and their interrelated deep roots.
This was the path to realizing my childhood dream of initiating the formation of a musical band who be the first in history to play in Achomi language and produce the very first Achomi album called Majar in 2001. Golestan Band since its formation has provided audience with five albums. We are seeking opportunities to share our spiritual experiences with the world.

Bogardi Aliz
I was born in 1976, Mohács, Hungary. My family had always supportes me in studying music and fine-arts, so my socialization was happening through concert - and stage-experiences and the introduction to the world of the instruments. Fortune and Faith leaded me in meeting masters and artists as friends. I am playing the violin for more then 30 years.
I am one of the establishers of Golestan. I think, this cultural mission creates a bridge between two peoples, which are far away in geographic sense, but so close in history and soul. Another bright value in this interaction: keeping a language in life, in operation for the future-generation.

Babarci Bulcsu
I was born in 1976, Pécs, Hungary. I started my artistic studies at primary school, as an extrascholastic activity, first on visual, later on musical grounds simultaneously. In secondary school and during my university studies, I have participated in several musical projects of many genres (folk, ethnic, blues, funk, reggae, pop) both as a performer, leader, composer and arranger.
My recent musical activities include composing and arranging (Bóbita Bábszínház, 2014), writing lyrics (Petruska András, 2014-15) and performing on stage (Golestan, Simply English, TükeZoo). In addition, I design posters and covers for bands, projects and events.
In Golestan, being a founding member, I play the guitar and the saz, and also do the visual parts for posters and cd covers.

Toth Almos
TÓTH Álmos
I was born in 05.06.1991 Budapest, Hungary. Since my early childhood I was in close relation with musical activities thanks to my parents, Though I loved singing and listening to music, I only started to learn a musical instrument, classical guitar at the age of 12.
After a year of playing the guitar I changed the direction of my life into being a musician. To improve myself I went to the Arts High School of Pécs. After graduating from high school I continued my musical studies at the University of Pécs, Faculty of Music and Visual Arts. Since I started playing the guitar I took part in various musical project including Venti Chiavi Guitar Trio. I have been invited to Golestan at the April of 2012 after a successful common project. Since then I am and (hopefully will be for a long time) one of the guitar players of the group. I am working as a classical guitar teacher in the Arts High School of Pécs

Baksa Peter
I wanted to be a bassist from my early childhood, but I only started to play at age 18 because this instrument was definitely too big for my small hands. Before that I learned classical guitar from the age of 6 and later electric bass from the age of 16.
When I turned 18 I started learning classical and jazz double bass also. I graduated at the University of Pécs (Faculty of Arts and Music) in 2007. In this year I was enrolled at the Liszt Ferenc Academy, Budapest (Jazz Doublebass Faculty). I also took private lessons from well-known Hungarian bass artists such as Zoltán Oláh and Balázs Berkes. I also learned jazz at the Kodolányi Academy, Székesfehérvár (Jazz Electric Bass Faculty).
Besides Golestan I play in the jazz band Trio Afium, Bencze Alma Quartet, and sometimes play in several ad hoc duos and trios in my home town and Budapest. I also teach my instruments.

Andok Zita
She learned to play classical piano and the basics of music at Music School of Sásd, Hungary from her early childhood.
From 1998 to 2001 she took private jazz-piano and jazz-theory lessons. In 2002 she won first prize at the National French "Chanson Competition" which was organized by the French Institute, Budapest. The reward was an opportunity to take part in the International Music Festival in La Rochelle, France at 2002. From 2003 she took private singing lessons.
From 2000 she is a member in various music groups as a singer or background vocalist. She is often accompanies choirs on the piano. She prepares young talents for the Chanson Competition for years at the Janus Pannonius High School, Pécs, Hungary.

Bense Andor
I work as a psychologist in my hometown's hospital. As a child I myself was always connected to music. At first through listening which I believe is the most important thing to learn in life.
10 years ago my connection renewed with music through my first percussion instrument. I believe that this connection to music no matter in what form makes us more connected to that cultural meeting point where we can become Human, which in other words feel and share a common bond, and yet to become free of the weight that pushes our shoulders day by day hardly towards the lower grounds. To get closer to myself and my goals in this life I had a few great supporters, one of them is Dr. Khonji, who invited me in 2011 to play in his band Golestan and I am proudly the member since.

Pilari Aron
I was born in Pécs in 1992. I had already been affected by jazz and folk music as a child but later studying music helped me to get familiar with other interesting music styles as well. I spend most of my time with rehearsing, and working in the studio but i am also a university student and i play concerts with several music bands so i gain some live experiences too.
I joined to Golestan in 2012. I have already learned quite a lot from them about music and also about what being a member of a team means, and i still do.

Katona Tamas
I have started playing the guitar around the age of ten, first in an autodidactic way, then with the help of a tutor. During secondary school I already played in bands. After having contributed to several projects, at the moment I play blues music with PMD blues band.
Meeting Dr. Khonji brought me to a turn point in my life, ever since it has been a crucial factor of my musical career.

Simara Laszlo

visual jockay

Dr. Muranyi Edit


Kaszas Csaba


Schulteisz Gabor

sound engineer, piano

Hangyal Attila

cameraman, video director